Saturday, July 13, 2013

17 Years!

Seventeen years ago today we started our journey into married life.  While it has been a journey,  I can honestly say, I would rather be at this point now than at the beginning.  Although life has its ups and downs, and marriage takes a lot of work, and even more grace, I do love my husband and enjoy being with him as much and more than I did seventeen years ago.

In seventeen years we have lived in two countries, and frequently travelled to a third, a city and a town, two town-houses and a house.  We have travelled together, worked together, played together, laughed together, cried together, and would still rather be together (most of the time) than with anyone else.

On our wedding day it was 105 degrees F.  I was so hot, the glow on my face was as much from heat as happiness. There was no air conditioning in the church (it was very rare to be that hot in Portland).  I could happily have stood with a fan under my skirts.

The photographer had gotten the date wrong and almost didn't show up.  Most of our photos (at least the ones before the wedding) look like we were stood up in a hurry and shot.  (We were).  The most priceless memory was of my 92 year old grandmother stating in a loud whisper "I don't smile for photographs", and then getting caught by the photographer with a great beaming smile on her face when she was introduced to my husband for the first time.

The lady doing the flowers for the reception (all who helped us volunteered) didn't even try to stick with our colours and there was the bright red flowers on our cake table with our deep blue and green tartan colours. No one thought to move it for the cake photos.

Ah yes, there are many reasons I would much prefer to be at this stage of life.  Now we are enjoying family- with a teenager and a pre-teen.  Life isn't a lot easier, and marriage still takes work, but the blessings are there and the rewards are tangible.  We look forward to the future, trusting that whatever changes it might bring, the Lord is with us, and is taking care of us.


  1. What sweet words and memories. You were a beautiful bride. Congratulations on 17 years of marriage. :)

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! I agree that marriage definitely gets better as time goes on. We have both changed for the better.
    Thank-you for the sweet comments you left on my blog!