Monday, July 22, 2013

Lazy Days and Summer Heat

This may be one of the first summers that I have actually taken more than a few days off.  Usually I have a long list of things that I am unable to do during the year that I try to catch up on during the summer.  I do still have a list, but somehow the priorities this summer just don't seem to be the same.  Usually the emphasis is on doing-doing-doing, but this year I want to simply BE--more often anyway.  The demands of day-to-day life are still there:  I still have to cook, and clean, and do laundry, budget and pay bills.

This year, high on my list are things like "play with the kids", bike, quilt, stitch, play games.  So far we've only biked one afternoon.  And I haven't gotten the quilt out yet.  But I have spent time stitching on the deck with Belle while Boo plays ball in the backyard.  We've played some games, both inside and out.  I've made beads with Belle.  We've spent time reading together.  That has been fun.

Last week though was basically a write-off as far as getting anything done was concerned.  It was SO hot and muggy that it was all I could do to get meals on the table and laundry done.  It would get up to nearly 90 degrees in the house (with fans going all the time), and only get down to 80 at night, and the humidex would make it feel like over 100.  I am so thankful for the grill that allowed us to cook outside every evening, with a minimum of cooking inside.  We nearly ran through our repertoire of grill recipes last week.  From 11-noon every day I was sitting beside the pool with the only shade being my hat, drinking a lot of water and trying to relax while baking in the sun.  The kids had it slightly better as they were in the pool!

This week is looking like it will be cooler--still hot, but not like last week.  Swimming lessons are continuing. Starting to organize books and make a schedule for our school year is on my list.  Maybe I'll start lesson planning, and maybe I won't.  This list still includes doing fun things.

It is hard to know why the change this summer.  I've been homeschooling for ten years now.  Maybe I need a real break.  My Mom passed away in December.  I think in some ways, her passing has made being with my family more important.  I had a great relationship with her, and I want that same relationship with my kids.  Rest is important too.  I hope that we can go into the next school year feeling refreshed.

Anyway, I've been reading a few blogs and talking to people and I think I am not alone.  How do you feel about not just letting the children have a break from study, but taking one yourself?


  1. You know I had trouble with having a break too. But I'm learning more and more, it's ok. But I am also realizing that I find my worth and who I am in being busy, getting things done and not being 'lazy'. I know that's not where the Lord wants me to find my worth and it's a struggle for me.

    Sounds like you are having a great summer. Glad you cooling off a bit too. :)

  2. BEing sounds like a lovely plan. Enjoy summer!!