Friday, July 5, 2013

Life Is a Blur

I've been wanting to blog for a while here, but time just doesn't seem to allow.  As it is this morning, if I don't get this post up quickly, I will run out of time for a walk, which I really need.

Since the floor went in, and I went to the city, summertime seems to be passing very quickly.  Next week, the children are involved in VBS in our town, and the following two weeks will be busy with swimming lessons.  I hope I can be organized enough to work on lesson planning and other summer tasks after spending the large part of the morning at the pool.

I know this is old news, but I did get some photos of the super moon.  It was really cool to see how orange it was.

Monday night we went with friends to watch Canada Day fireworks in a really small town in our area.  (And I thought we live in a small town!)  Anyway, there weren't as many of them as we watched from the upstairs window the night before in our own town, but it was the first time we had actually gone to see them outside, and being with friends really made the evening for us.

Wednesday night we spent the evening with other friends in another town near us at an old car show.  We don't do old cars (unless you count our nearly fifteen year old van), but again being with friends who do, made the evening nice for us.  It was interesting to see a vehicle very much like one my parents had in the early seventies.  The colour was different, but the make was the same.  That car was totalled in an accident with my parents, brother and myself.  By the grace of God, none of us were seriously injured in that accident.  Sorry I didn't think to take any photos of that car.

The rest of the week has been spent in puttering around the house.  Belle and I cleaned out our big linen and supply closet one day.  I updated a bunch of schoolbooks in my Readerware database, pulled some weeds in the garden and yard, worked on laundry, and tried to get meals on the table--although not as successfully as some weeks.  My much-loved electric skillet has failed (after only four years of use--boy do things not last like they used to!), and dinner one night was burned on the bottom.

I have only done a little cross-stitch one evening.  But I have spent some time with Belle rolling paper beads. That was fun to do, and fun to do with Belle.  Not too much time to be crafting these days.  You wonder where the time goes when you aren't doing school.

That reminds me, the kids finished their lessons for the summer on Monday.  But we have been spending time reading Sonlight books each day.  I like that because it gives us some together time each day.

Well, that is my blur of a week.  Does anyone else feel the time whizzing by?

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  1. Sounds like a great week. I wish I had gotten pictures of the moon, but I didn't even see it. :( At times summer does seem to be whizzing by, other times it's nice and slow and relaxing. Though I'm not doing crafts nearly as much as I would like to either.