Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook

It has been a crazy busy week, and today I think I just need to slow down and appreciate some simple things.  So here is my Daybook post.  And it is a repost from my other blog, so if you read that one, you've read this one.

Outside my window...I see a pale blue sky over yellow-tinted trees (yes the colours are turning already).  There is no breeze, and the forecast is promising the first really warm weather this month for next week.

I am thinking...about a lot of things--the things I have to do today, trying to start our homeschool year next week, and about living in the present.  

I am thankful...for the visit with my Dad this week.  He stayed a couple of days, played lots of games with the children and us, and really seemed to enjoy his visit.

In the kitchen...the counters are a bit cluttered, but mostly with clean things.  Chicken fricassee with mushrooms is on the menu for tomorrow.   Today will be simple meals.

I am wearing...denim capris and a t-shirt.  It is nice that we are having a bit more summer weather.  I wore jeans and fleeces earlier in the week.

I am creating...not much except lesson plans and meals this week.  But the lesson plans are done, and the meals are simpler--so hopefully I'll have the energy to stitch after the cleaning is done today.

I am the little grocery store in town, maybe as soon as it opens this morning, to get a few groceries.

I am wondering...if I can get my cleaning done quickly this morning, and have time to play this afternoon.

I am reading...books on my Kindle (when I'm not falling asleep).  Starting next week it will be back to reading good books to the children.

I am hoping...for a smooth start to our school year.  Belle has a bad cold though, and we often seem to get colds near the beginning of the year, so I'm hoping she doesn't share.

I am looking forward to...the beginning of our school routine.  It gets busy, but there is less of the "I'm not sure what I should be doing now feeling".

I am learning...that it is good to rest at times.  Belle wants to sew this year.  I am hoping that since I won't be making frequent trips away for my Mom, that I will be able to take time off the books at times and work at other skills.

Around the house...Boo's alarm clock just went off.  He will be up to check the Red Sox scores soon.  Clutter sits around, unsuspecting of the whirlwind of cleaning that will take place later this morning.

I am pondering ...creating margin, as I read in a blog post this week.  We get so busy sometimes, and scattered.  I want to be present, to be with my family, not fretting or worrying about everything I need to do.

A favourite quote for today...again from another blog post: "What we do in the worst of times determines who we are all the time."  The post was talking about the discipline of gratitude--being thankful for everything, even the difficult things.  Something to chew on.

One of my favourite things...unscheduled time.  (I like a schedule too, but I wouldn't like either thing all the time.  Balance is good.)

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Clean the house, pay bills, get ready for Sunday, and Monday, and look after my family.

A peek into my day:   

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